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 I have put together many articles on home selling tips for you.   Many of these seller tips and articles will work wherever you live in the US.  So browse through and see how the home selling process works.  It can be somewhat confusing for some home owners because most people do not sell many homes in their lifetime.  Some sellers have lived in their homes 25+ years.  It used to be that home owners would buy a home on the average of every 7 years.  But that has changed dramatically since the mortgage meltdown.  Many home owners were upside down so they could not sell or move.  They were tied to their home because they owed more than it was worth.

It took years to come out of that.  The mortgage meltdown taught many home owners to be more cautious and not to over extend.  Some home owners that lost their homes got back into the market, but are not as eager to move up, or gamble on buying a bigger home and then selling in a few years for profit.  They have learned their lessons.  Some home owners have been in their homes 10 - 15 years now just because of the mortgage meltdown. 

Times have changes and so has the selling process changed a little bit.  What buyers look for and expect has changed in the last 10 years.  Paperwork that you will need to sign at closings have changed too.  So I thought I would put together a guide of the whole home selling process.  I want you to sell your home for more money and tell you how to sell it quicker.  After all our goal is to get you the most money possible.  So let's break down the home selling process into these segments:

  1. Before you list
  2. Costs of selling your home
  3. Listing
  4. Showing
  5. Offers
  6. After the offer
  7. Home inspection
  8. Appraisals
  9. Pre-Closing
  10. Closing


1.)  Before you list.  Questions of whether you should get an appraisal or inspection before you list are common questions I hear from many people considering listing their Michigan home.  What you should do, what do you have to do, and what can you get away without doing when preparing your home for sale are other considerations you may have to weigh before you list.  Money and time are an important consideration on getting your home ready so it appeals to the greatest number of buyers. 

 A.)  One of the most important parts is about pricing your home and the  factors that go into it

 B.)  Preparing your home for sale


2.) Three Major costs of selling a home

Miscellaneous Costs


3.) Listing your Michigan home for sale.  This section will include how to pick a real estate agent that will work hard for you, communicate with you and market your home.  It will also which ways of marketing your home are the best and which ways of marketing your home are out dated.    

4.) Showing your home

5.) Offers

6.)  After the offer

7.)  Home inspections

8.)  Appraisals

9)  Pre-Closing

10.) Closing

Over the years I have dealt with hundreds and hundreds of sellers.  The majority of sellers are great people.  Then there are a small minority that are either mean, nasty, or unreasonable people.  Sometimes it is temperament, sometimes it is just the stress of moving.  Whether you work with me or another real estate agent let me share some thoughts with you.  

1.) Try not to stress yourself out by imposing strict timelines.  That causes stress on everybody.

2.) Remember to not take it personal.  It is a business deal with both sides trying to get the best deal possible.  I'm working to get you the best deal and close on your house.

3.)  The buyer is not trying to cheat you or pull a fast one.  Yes some buyers are flakey.  No buyer enters into a purchase contract to jerk you around.  You have to remember that both realtors, and the bank is working to get this closed.  It is in everybody's best interest to get it closed and get paid.  So remember that everybody is trying even when the buyer or buyer realtor is flakey or non responsive.

4.) Try to keep you emotions out of the selling process.  Getting mad, angry, upset will only make your negotiations harder.  One of the hardest parts of my job is keeping seller's calm and focused.  Reminding them of the end goal and their best interest.

5.) It's not all about the money for me.  Sure making a sale and getting paid is good, but it has to be in your best interest.  It's about getting your home sold and achieving what you want.  My goal is to get you the most money possible and making the home selling process easier.  That is one reason why I have written all of these articles. 

6.)  Let's try to make it a good transaction where you are happy and keep it nice.  It is about karma and treating others like you would like to be treated.  About doing the right and honest thing.


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