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bathroomAs a seller the simplest way of selling your home besides pricing it right is to have your home have the items buyers want.  What's in and what's out may be some of your questions.  So what do buyers want in a home?  Over the years I have taken out hundreds and hundreds of home buyers.  I pick up what buyers are looking for and what they are avoiding.   Here in Michigan neutral colors are still in.  We are still in the beiges and light browns though I was in some furniture stores over the weekend and saw a lot of furniture that was in the grey tones.  I have also seen a lot of grey tile. So light greys are in also.

If you want to sell, paint light colors with white woodworking!

In fact I was trying to make a project for a friend for Christmas with broken blue tiles and it was very hard to find blue tile anywhere.  I was just looking for a few pieces of tile to smash up and put into concrete but 90% of the tiles out there are grey and brown tones.  No greens, or blues, or odd colors.  So if you are thinking of re-doing your bathroom or kitchen floors with tile I would go with a beige or a grey.  In high end homes you will see natural woodworking stained in wood colors or wood painted white.  In most all Metro Detroit homes you will see that white painted wood work is in.  Oak woodwork is out.  White woodwork stands out with a grey, beige or light brown wall.  White wood work is in.

Stunning kitchen

Ideal kitchens

Many times in our business we can tell when the home was built because of the cabinetry or tile colors.  In the 1970’s and 1980’s oak cabinets were in, in the 1990’s it was white cabinets or dark cabinets.  Now we are seeing cabinets in the lighter tones.  Lighter maples, and hickory is in for many homes.  Oak cabinets are definitely out.  Oak woodwork for molding is out.  It is a negative for many Michigan home buyers.  So let’s rehash what’s in and what’s out in SE Michigan homes.

IN                                                                                                      OUT

Light neutral paint colors                                                      Rooms totally painted in a dark color

One dark wall                                                                      Wall paper

Beige, grey, light brown tiles                                                 White tile

Glass tile back splashes                                                        Blues, green, pink, turquoise tiles

Granite counter tops                                                            Frilly curtains

White painted woodwork                                                      Brass light fixtures & brass plumbing fixtures 

Kitchen islands                                                                    Formica kitchen cabinets

Stainless steel, nickel, and bronze cabinet handles                 White, flowery, brass cabinet handles

Big walk in closets                                                               Anything that looks grandmothery

Double ovens                                                                      Mauves, pinks, and salmon colors

Pendant light fixtures                                                           Paneling, even painted

Stainless steel, nickel, and bronze light fixtures                      Formica counter tops

Large master bedrooms                                                        Shower doors on tubs

Open Layouts                                                                      Small rooms

Wood cabinets                                                                     White kitchen cabinets

Big showers                                                                         Jetted tubs are not necessary

Stainless steel, Nickel, and bronze plumbing fixtures               Wild colored or patterned carpet

Hardwood floors                                                                   Cheap older pergo floors

                                                                                           Oak woodwork


I hope this partial list of what's in and what's out helps you understand what buyers are looking for.

Beautiful kitchenNext let’s go over what is out in kitchen counter tops.  Formica counter tops are out in any home over $100,000 to $150,00.  Granite is in.  Quartz and concrete countertops are in.  Tile countertops are out and corian is just so-so choice.  Corian countertops are not what Metro Detroit home buyers are looking for.  Try to match the granite to the cabinets.  Sometimes by putting granite on well kept cabinets can make a kitchen go from so-so to WOW!

If you can change or update any of these items to items buyers are currently wanting in a home then you are going to have buyers liking your home more.  Many times home buyers cannot afford to update or do not want to do the work themselves.  They want it already done.  So if they have a choice of a house where the work is done or house that needs updating.  The majority of home buyers are going to buy the nice updated home.  They will pass on the home that needs updates, or looks like grandma lived in it.  Buyers will sometimes pay over the top market price on a updated move in ready home!

The key is how inexpensively can you do this, and what is your return on your dollar?  You do not want to do a lot of work or spend a lot of money if you are not going to get it back.  Most of the times kitchen re-dos will not bring back the investment you put in.  However, granite, painting, and carpeting usually do bring back your investment.  Call me to come out and look at your home to discuss what is smart to do.   My cell is 248-310-6239, give me a call today.

I hope this helps you what's in and what's out and what home buyers are looking for.