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You are in the final stages of selling your home. It is time to move out. So what is your responsibility as the seller? When you sell your metro Detroit home almost all the local purchase contracts say that the home must be broom clean.  What does broom clean mean? It means the house must left in good shape and relatively clean.

Clean Immaculate kitchenThe house does not have to be immaculately clean. You do not have to hire a cleaning crew or spend days and days cleaning the house for buyers. It does not mean that the rugs have to be shampooed or the windows washed.  It would be nice if you ran a vacuum over the carpet and cleaned up anything that is very dusty. 

What broom clean means:

  • No leftover paint cans
  • No huge dustballs or furballs left in the corners
  • No bags of garbage left in the garage
  • No scrap wood that you saved for years left in the garage
  • You can't leave stuff behind that you don't want
  • No bags of clothing left for donation
  • No half used bags of concrete in the shed
  • No broken bird baths in the yard
  • Nothing left in the attic
  • No broken or old tools left
  • Cabinets cleaned out
  • No odds and ends left under the deck

Paint cans

That is what broom clean means.  Nothing in your home. Your home has to be empty of all your belongings. Everything has to be out.  When selling your Metro Detroit home you do not want problems when you go to the closing table.  I want you to have a smooth closing. Everything you own whether you want it or not has to be out of the house when you walk into the closing.  (unless you have agreed to occupancy).  It is not up to the new buyer to clean up your mess.  It is your problem.  Do not think you are going to get away with it either.  I have had closings put off because of trash left in the house.  I have had buyers demand that $2000 be escrowed so the seller would come back and clean up the house.

You do not need that aggravation at the end.  Start donating today and throw away stuff you are not going to take with you.  Do not wait until the last minute.  I hope this Metro Detroit home selling tip helps you prepare and understand what does broom clean means.