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Yes The state wants tax money when you sell a home.  When you sell a home here in Michigan you will have to pay our dear governor a small percentage of the sales price.  They call the taxes "transfer tax".  Transfer tax in Michigan is broke up into two parts.  City transfer tax and County transfer tax.

The total percentage is less than 1%.  The actual cost for transfer tax as of 2018 is .0086 %.  So lets do a couple of examples.  If you sold your house for  $250,000 the transfer tax would be $2150.   $250,000 x .0086 = $2150

Or if your home was sold $560,000 then the transfer tax would be $4816.  $560,000 x .0086 = $4816

You have to remember that this cost or transfer tax has nothing to do with property taxes.  You do not have to come with a check for this at closing.  It will be deducted from the net proceeds when you close.  Michigan transfer tax will show up on the closing papers.   

My goal as your realtor is to help you understand the whole home selling process.  That way you will realize that some of the issues that come up are common and a normal part of the home selling process.  It will take away the stress and anxiety for you.