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How to Stage your home to sell like a professional is easy.  Many times it is the low cost and easy things to do that sellers do not do.  Staging is a smart thing to do.  Staging a home isn’t that hard or that costly if you are smart.  The money you invest in staging your home to sell will bring you a better return when you sell your home.  It will also help you sell your home quicker.           Stage your bathroom       

Here are some 12 tips to stage your home to sell:

1. Focus most on the high impact areas — your entranceway, kitchen, living room, master bedroom, and family room.  These are the most visible and important areas of your home.  Your entrance makes the first impression, and the kitchen is such an important room to home buyers

2. Remove some of the furniture.  Make the rooms look spacious.  Put the extra pieces in the garage, or in storage.  Do you really need all those lazy boy chairs or end tables in the family room?  Can you get rid of a dresser in the bedroom to make it appear bigger?  Only put 4 chairs around the kitchen table instead of six.

3. De-personalize your home by removing family photos, and mementos of trips.  We do not want the buyers admiring your photos of your visit to Italy.  We want the buyers to be focusing on your home.How to stage a home

4. Use as much natural light as possible. Open the blinds, drapes and shades.  Put in larger light bulbs.  Add extra lamps in dark rooms or corners.

5. Try angling one or two pieces of furniture slightly and move furniture 4 inches to 6 inches from the wall to create more interesting room spaces.  Create cozy spaces.

6. De-clutter the tops of dressers, cabinets, and countertops.  There should not be more than one to three items on any flat top.  I call this pre-packing.  Pack away all the items you do not need and get them off the counters or shelves.  Now is the time to make your home look organized.

7. Right before listing hire a professional service to do a deep clean of your home, including the carpets and the windows.

8. Put away large collections— dolls, figurines, car models, porcelains, plates, and so on.

9. Store animal heads, stuffed trophies, religious items that really stand out. A small religious figurine on a shelf is ok.  Or one painting or cross is ok.  It is the shrines or the big 3' figurine that you need to be careful of.(buyers may not be your religion). 

10.) Set the formal dining room table with attractive napkins, linens, dishes, and stemware as if you were having a party.

11.)  Add accents.  A colorful throw on a chair or couch.  A colorful flower arrangement on tables, or in the bathroom.

12.)  Set the room as if it was ready to go.  A breakfast nook may have a coffee cup and newspaper strategically arranged, a play room may have a monopoly or scrabble game set up. 

Staging with flowers

Over the years we have used these tips and tricks to stage a home.  I just sold a house this summer by my clients buying a area rug to down play the worn hardwood floors.  An $80 investment.  My clients have set an air mattress on boxes and just covered with a comforter to fill a bed room.  A rocking chair with a small throw and a crib may be all you need to make a nursery room.  The crib was from 30 years ago when the seller's kids where little. My clients have bought inexpensive sheer curtains to replace heavy blue flowered curtains.  Little changes like that made a world of difference in the rooms. 

Sometimes you can get accent items on clearance.  Or you can just tell your husband that we need this piece (that you always wanted)  to sell the house.  Stores like Pier One, Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, At Home, Marshalls, or Kirklands may have just the accent piece you need.

Staging your home may cost a little money, but trust me it will help sell your home for more money and it will sell quicker.  Call me on my cell to get your home staged and listed!

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