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Turn on the ligtsHere are some tips on how to show your home when those grey, dark clouds are out.  If you are showing your home on a dreary, rainy day it is going to be dark and gloomy and possibly damp and cool because of the clouds over head.  The first thing you should do is to turn on ALL your lights on a rainy day.   I mean every single one of them. Closet lights, shower lights, lights under the cabinets.  You should not have one light turned off on a cloudy day.  Now is not the time to have low, dim mood lighting.  You should have already increased the wattage of all your light bulbs when you get ready to sell your home.  Home buyers usually like bright and cheery houses.  A dark and gloomy home will sit on the market longer. 

When you are doing your pre-listing walk through you may notice dark spots in your room.  You may want to borrow or buy another floor or table lamp to brighten up those dark spots. 

I honestly do not like to show houses on a rainy day because nothing really stands out to the home buyers.   I would bet that most of the homes I sell is when I show them to home buyers on clear bright days.  So open all the drapes, curtains, and open the shades.  Turn on all the lights in your home when it is cloudy and rainy.

The second home selling tip is: turn up the heat a little when it is damp, cold, and rainy. Or when we have those grey clouds in the winter.  Take the chill out of your home.  Don’t make it too warm.  But make it comfortable.  If you have a fireplace, turn it on.  You will be setting the stage for a warm cozy home.

Turn on the lightsI want you to sell your home quick and for the most money possible.  That’s both of our goals – FOR YOU TO NET THE MOST MONEY. The nicer you can make your home’s interior when a potential home buyer comes through the better the chance you have of selling your home.