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Are prejudices, your loves, and your beliefs turning off your home buyers? 

Grandma houseWhen selling your home you have to be careful.  Buyers like to picture themselves in a home.  It they have pre-conceived notions about the people or the home they may not buy it.  That is why HGTV and good realtors tell you to make your home neutral.  Over the years I have been with young buyers that comment that the house looks like their grandmother's house.  Those young buyers never buy that house.  They don't have the vibe to live in grandma's house.  Nor do they want a house similar to one of their friends or family members.  So if your house looks like a grandma's house you need to remove some of those items.

Michigan State FlagAnother common issue is college rivalries.  No University of Michigan fan is ever going to buy a home that has an Ohio State room or Michigan State room.  It is just not going to happen.  Even though it is simply repainting the room the University of Michigan fan is not going to buy that Ohio State house. 

What are you cooking?  Is last nights dinner turning your buyers away?  If you are ethnic some of the spices may be turning off the buyers.

This is a tough subject to tackle but I think it is important to write about.  Prejudices are ugly, but they exist even today.  Unfamiliarity of a culture or race many times breeds prejudice.   Unfortunately in this day and age people are still prejudiced against certain races and cultures and it does influence buying of homes.  Sure the first thing some sellers will say is “if they don’t like me and my kind then do not buy my house”, or “don’t look at my house if you are like that”.  You can have that attitude but it may hurt your home sale.

It's all about prejudices and not wanting to be in a home that is unfamiliar has characteristics that opposite of the buyers beliefs or likes.  Religion, culture, and race also affect homes sales in some ways.  Some buyers, not all sometimes cannot identify with the decorations of a home and therefore will not buy it.  No, I do not hear the buyers say they won't buy the house but I see it year after year.  I take too many buyers out.  So let's talk about prejudice about religion and culture.  Now when I am say prejudice I’m not saying there is hatred there.    But there is a dis-connect between the cultures or religions among some buyers.  Some feel superior over the other person, some feel slighted, and sometimes it is fear.  Many times it comes from ignorance of the other culture, race, or religion.  Whatever it is, it sometimes affects selling of a home.

But the key to selling your house is too have as many possible buyers look at your house.  You need to “neutralize” your house.  Once you get them into your house you want them to love the house.  If they are seeing items that are “foreign” to them then they may cross your home off the list of possible homes they may buy.

That is why you should take down personal pictures, and religious items.  Make your home impersonal.  Do not give a buyer a reason why not to like your home.  As a Realtor who has taken many buyers through many different homes, rejection of a home because of prejudices happens all the time.  Comments like “weird, how strange, ewhhh” are common.  Sometimes it is a subconscious thing with the buyers.  But I have seen it happen.

Animal headsI would compare this whole discussion to an avid hunter to a non-hunter.  A house with walls of trophy animal heads will turn off any animal lover.  That person will never buy that house.  I have seen animal lovers run out of the house.  It is just that simple.  Now box up those heads and the buyer doesn’t know.... the house may sell to that animal lover.

Religious shrines, college fan rooms, and hunting trophies are all going to hurt you.  It is the same way with whatever you have out showing your faith, your family, your culture, and your loyalties.  Sure you can say if they don't like it they can not buy my house.  It's what I believe or like, so forget those buyers.   It’s best to box it up. You are moving anyway, so just pack up early.  We are trying to appeal to the greatest number of buyers possible.  Do not be offended by your real estate agent when they recommend to neutralize you home.   You and I can’t change prejudices it will take many years for people to change.  But we can sell your house for the maximum profit if you neutralize your home.

That is our goal to sell your home at the highest price we can, in the shortest amount of time with the least stress to you.  That requires the greatest amount of buyers coming through the house that identify with you.

I hope this gives you another perspective of what buyers think about when viewing your Michigan home.  We want to appeal to the greatest number of buyers when we list your home.  That one buyer that you turn off may have been the one that would have bought your house at the highest price.

Russ Ravary

Your Metro Detroit real estate agent

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