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Staged homeAre you a stubborn seller or a lazy seller looking for the easy way out?  Then you may be the one responsible for your home not selling.  If you do not listen to your agent then you may suffer the consequences of not getting the best price for your home or for your home taking a long time to sell.  Most agents have been in the real estate trenches and know what sabotages the sale.

One of the biggest myths sayings that I sometimes hear from sellers is "There is no sense in doing that because the buyer is probably going to change it anyways."  That is the easy way out and usually costs sellers thousands of dollars.   The seller does not do the repairs, updates, or take the steps to make the house a little better. I hate to say it but even my friends have failed to do the necessary things to get the best price possible for their home.  It hurts me to see sellers do that.  Sometimes the little things will help sell a house.  For example a estate home will sometimes sell better if it is freshly painted and the flooring is updated/nice but the rest of the homes is dated.  Simple re-painting the walls or sanding the wood floors makes  a huge difference whether the home is a fixer upper or needs a few items done to it.  Again experience has taught me that. 

Bad Carpeting - home selling tipSometimes the simplest things de-rail a sale of a home. 

  • Refusing to replace that worn or stained carpeting
  • Not re-painting the room that is full of scuff marks or needing minor drywall repair
  • Failing to call and schedule granite to be put in a home that is going to sell for more than $150,000
  • Holding off boxing up animal heads, religious shrines, or college fan rooms
  • Not removing wall paper

 I want to share with you a short video of what you should or shouldn’t be doing when getting your home ready to sell.  Sometimes little things that you live with will detract from the sale of your Michigan home or even turn off buyers.  I have had a $500,000 home sit on the market for 9 months simply because it wasn’t freshly painted.  It was lived in.  There were marks on the walls and there was some drywall work that needed to be done.  Nobody wanted to buy this beautiful home because they thought the home was built shabbily.  Well finally the home owner repainted the house.  It sold in less than a month after that.

Kitchen counter topsI have seen homes in the same neighborhood and see which one sells first.  Homes with granite counter tops will sell faster than homes with Formica counter tops.  I have seen it happen too many times.  A couple of thousand dollar investment in granite sometimes sells the house.  You may not think about this, but some buyers will not be able to afford that granite for a while after they buy the house because they do not have the money.  So the buyer is going to lean towards homes with the granite already in the house.

Painting your home

So when selling your piece of Michigan real estate paint, take down the wall paper, and take down your animal trophies.  Watch my short video on How not to sell your home – Michigan real estate tips.

My goal to help make your next move easier and help you get the most money for your home.  We want you to get top dollar.  A move in ready home will usually get top dollar in the neighborhood.  Call me on my cell phone to do a walk through of your home.  (248) 310-6239  We will give you suggestions on what to do to prepare your home.  Remember you do not have to do any of them for me to list your home.  They are suggestions on what to do to get the most money for your home.


I have many years of experience and so I see what happens to the price when the home is in different conditions from good to bad.  Always feel free to reach out to me with questions on my email ( ) or on cell 9248)310-6239 

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