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I get this question quite often around the holidays so I thought I would answer it.  "Is it ok to decorate when selling our home?"

Christmas decoratingI’m sorry but I love all the holidays.  Christmas, Easter, Halloween.  To me Christmas is a magical time of the year.  I love giving gifts.  I love twinkling sparkling lights.  I love a fresh snowfall Christmas week.  I love the happiness the holidays bring to so many people.

So all they hype of not decorating your home because it distracts buyers goes against my grain.  Sure it is true that decorating may distract a buyer.  But what about the buyer that does expect to see a Christmas tree?  A beautifully decorated tree would make me feel at home.  Sure over the top decorating may turn some buyers off.  But a home at that isn’t decorated at Christmas would turn me off.  It wouldn’t be my home.  I probably won’t buy the home.

For Christian holidays you have to remember that there are many other religions out there.  Buyers with those religious back grounds will not identify with your home, but would I as your realtor I would never tell you not to decorate.  Absolutely not.  Definitely do not ruin it for your kids. The key is not to go over board.  If you are Clark Griswold you may want to cut back a lot.

Easter bunny

                                   OK                                                               Overboard

Easter           A tree in the yard with eggs hanging on it             a 6 foot tall Easter bunny, a tree of eggs and rabbits

Halloween     Needs to be kid friendly and very low key             tombstones, and out door decorations 

Christmas     A tree, garland, bows, and some lights                 Multiple trees and santas everywhere

Christmas Tree


What I am saying is that the decorations would depend on the buyer whether it is a distraction or a benefit. (YES THE ABOVE TREE IS OVERBOARD)  Halloween definitely should be low key, no gore, nothing too bizarre.

But the way I look at it is that you only have so many Christmases on this earth.  When my wife Marianne had cancer and it was her last Christmas I realized it even more.  So putting the house on the market right away during the holidays or because holiday home buyers are more serious over the holidays is just “used car” tactics.  There are definitely fewer buyers out there during the holiday period.  Sales statistics for December, and January show that.

Enjoy the holidays, make this one special for you and your family.  Don’t let the scrooge the real estate person ruin your holidays.  Your house will sell to the right buyer after the holidays too.  It is all about being tasteful and not gaudy when selling your home.