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The big three.  Granite, paint, and floor coverings are three major selling points of your home.  If you are preparing your home for sale you should consider how these three items affect your homes price and sale.  These three items are the biggest bang for your money.  These three items can slow the sale of your home and fetch you a lower price for your home.  How can that be, you think?

Re-painting the house or certain rooms

Let's start with paint. A freshly painted home makes your home move in ready especially when the paint colors are the neutral shades of grey, light brown, beige, or yellow.  A home with worn walls, nicked up, or marked up walls, or a home with wall paper will always take longer to sell.  And it will sell for less.  Yes it takes time to paint, but you will get all of your money back out of the paint and then some.  I think if your house is not painted nice you can drop $10,000 + off the sale price of your home.  An unpainted or worn home knocks down the price. If you want a good price it is a smart move to paint.  I have seen homes sit on the market and lower prices because of worn walls.

Replacing carpeting

Worn, dirty, or stained carpeting is what we will talk about next.  Same with worn hardwood floors, and old linoleum will always drag your sales price down.  Some buyers just cannot afford to replace the carpet after they move in. They will just pass up your home.  That is more buyers you have lost.  Getting the hardwood floors redone, redoing carpet, or putting peel and stick tiles down over linoleum is a very smart move.  I know you will get every dollar plus some back on what you invest in getting new flooring.  Yes it can be a good sized investment, but it is one of the smartest moves you can make.  Do not buy the best carpeting with the best pad.  Buy good carpeting but buy the inexpensive carpeting.  You are trying to save money but make the house look great.  It's all about making the floors look new, and ready to move in but at the lowest cost possible for you.


The majority of home buyers want nice granite counter tops.  It is a fact.  Homes that do not have granite counter tops take longer to sell.  Any home over $150,000 should have granite, quartz, or corian counter top kitchens.  If you are just going to put new counter tops you want to put in granite or quartz counter tops.  You can really make your old kitchen pop if you have good cabinets and old formica by putting in granite counter tops.  Yes it is not a total update but it allows the buyer to move in without having to redo the kitchen.  The problem sometimes is that formica counter tops are sometimes odd or dated colors.  Tile counter tops definitely are dating your home.  If your home is over $300,000 it is a major mistake not to put in granite counter tops.  Buyers want granite counter tops.  If your home is over $600,000 there should be granite in bathrooms, and even the basement bar.  I had a million dollar lake home that did not have granite on the basement bar and some of the feedback I have received is that the house is cheaply done.

Please, please do not use the old adage to get out of painting, putting new carpeting, or putting in granite of "There is no sense to replace these items because the buyer wants to pick their own colors" or the other line I hear "Why replace it or paint it the buyer is going to re do it anyway". 

You are going to lose money! 

You are going to take longer to sell your home because it is not updated!   

You would have gotten much more money for your home if you invested in repairs and upgrades!

I understand completely if you can not afford to do these items, then we have to sell the home as is.  But if you can afford it, hire a contractor to do it.  Shop the contractor prices.  Get a good job at the best, lowest price possible.

Bottom line is: Repaint, upgrade the floors, and put granite countertops in. These are the top three items to do when preparing your home for sale.