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Getting divorceAre you getting divorced?  Here is how to sell a home when you are getting divorced.  Selling a home when getting divorced adds a layer of emotions and financials that regular home sales do not have. What you have to remember throughout the process is that you want to get as much money as possible out of the home.  We will discuss below how to do that.  You also want to avoid foreclosure or a bankruptcy that will ruin your credit for years.  

I have seen many different situations when the 2 sellers would not even talk to each other.  Here are some of the stories that I have witnessed over the years as a real estate agent.

Split house  One party may be living in the house and not want to move out.  So the person living in the house rejects showing requests and or keeps the house in disarray to discourage the buyers.  One divorcing couple battled for over a year and a half.  The one party never kept up the house.  They finally got a low ball offer after a year and a half and accepted.  They lost over $15,000 because they got a low price from the house sitting on the market so long.  Buyers thought something was wrong beyond just being a disheveled house.

arguingAnother situation that I have seen is where one party is angry and wants more.  I have had one person take all the appliances out of the house when the appliances were included in the purchase agreement.  They were trying to strong arm the other seller to cough up more money.  In the end they had to deliver the appliances back because the buyers were not moving forward with the sale.  It was wasted time and effort.

I had it happen where on party took the refrigerator to get back at the other party 2 days before closing. On the day of closing the buyer walked through the house and noticed the old kitchen refrigerator was missing.  The sellers had to buy a brand new refrigerator for the buyer.  It cost them both more money.

strong armA wife's attorney was trying to strong arm the husband into doing something and was telling the wife not to sign the contract.  He finally relented after a couple of days when I told him that he was disrupting the sale and if they lost money he would be liable.

When you are selling a home when getting divorced you want to put the emotions aside and get the most money out of your house.  I know it is very hard when you dislike or even hate the other person for what is happening.  It is the same way when your attorney is making it tougher to sell the home.  The attorney is just running up his or her fees.  It does not make any sense.  I want you to make as much money as possible. 

Last one of the things you should not do is entangle your agent in the divorce.  We do not want to be part of it.  Yes, I will listen to the issues and problems but I want to stay out of it.   Yes, I will hear your side of it.  I do not want to be on one side or the other.  I will treat you both equally and fairly.  When you start attacking the agent, or trying to de-rail the sale then you are going to make the agent not like what you are doing.  They will still treat you fairly and work in your best interest.  I have heard stories of agents being attacked verbally and one spouse being vindictive and mean to the agent.  It's bad karma and you do not want to treat anybody that way.  They are just doing their job and trying to get your home sold.

divorce decree What you can be guaranteed is that your proceeds will be written as checks as the divorce decree says.  That is what the title company will do.  The title company will request a copy of the signed divorce decree.

If you are fighting, trying to de-rail the sale, trying to get back at your partner, or allowing your attorney to run up your bill it is only hurting you financially.  In every divorce you are splitting up dollars.  Many times the house is one of the biggest assets. So let's get the most money possible for you to move on with your life.  The sooner the house gets sold then there is one less item to fight about and one less item to deal with your spouse.

dollarsEmotions have such a huge role in your divorce.  I hope that you can step back and do what is in your best financial interest.  They say in divorce books that you want to take care of yourself emotionally.  It is so true.  Getting worked up, hating, and letting your emotions rule your financial decisions is a recipe for disaster for you.  I want better for you. 

If I am representing you both, and your home.  I am going to treat you equally.  Equal communication and working in both of your interests.  I want to stay out of the divorce. I do not have any reason to be on either side.

I hope lists some of the perils of not staying focused on both your intermediate and long term financial goals.  Do not let your spouse ruin....... not only marriage but also your financial future.  If you can stay from engaging your soon to be ex-spouse in crazy battles it will help you in selling your home. 

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