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Selling your Metro Detroit is sometimes first about perception.  So fix the glaring issues. Before trying to sell your home, make it a home people will want to buy.  The majority of prospective buyers are not looking for a “fixer-upper” (which translates to a lower selling price).  Today's home buyers prefer updated move in ready homes.  Sometimes buyers will over pay for an updated move in ready home.  Yes, buyers will pay over market price for a great home.

Fixer UpperAs a seller you want to assess the wear and tear on your property and address flaws that can lower your home’s appeal and sales value.  Ignoring glaring problems such as broken kitchen doors or shattered windows is a common mistake. Fix any obvious issues or needed repairs before your open house,  Not only will buyers be turned off by glaring repairs but you are inviting trouble when it comes to the buyer's home inspection.  Do you want your home deal to fall apart because of a water stain or too many little repairs?  Yes, I have seen that happen too many times.  A buyer backing out because there are too many repairs.  If the seller would have only invested a little time and money they would not be starting over and looking for a new buyer.  

Ceiling tilesLook around to determine where your current home needs repair.  You might think that buyers won’t notice; they will.  You may never hear it.  It will be obvious lots of showings but no offers.  Some fixes are mainly
cosmetic and you may be able to them handle on your own;  Hanging gutters, gutters with trees growing out of them, water stains on ceiling tiles in the basement, water stains under sinks.  Exterior brick needing tuck pointing, rotted wood on the exterior.  Issues concerning heating, plumbing, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC system), mold, water damage, wood rot, the water heater, gutters, foundation, or roof can all be deal-breakers if left unaddressed.

Here are some other items to think about.

  • Fix light fixtures and switches and replace old light bulbs
  • Patch up holes in walls from artwork and repair cracks
  • Make sure windows and doors open, close, and lock securely
  • Make sure the AC and the heat work
  • Repair leaky faucets and toilets


Once you have taken a walk through your home, tackle what matters most. Be smart. This initial investment of time and money can help generate a faster sale at a higher price.  That's what you want isn't it?  I want you to have more money in your pocket at the end of the sale.

I hope this explains how glaring home repairs affect the sale of your home and what to do before selling your home.