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Really, I mean really, why are people still doing fancy multi page glossy brochures?  The only person that it is good for is you.  You will be able to say look what my agent did to all your friends and family.  Really..... how did that really help you out?  While your agent was making that fancy brochure they could have been marketing your home on the internet.  So the agent just wasted time and money.  Your real estate agent is just appeasing you and your ego.  Most buyers and peoples attention span ares very short.  90% of all buyers are not going to even read it all the way through. 

Think about when you go to the car show, or boat show, or any show at Cobo or the Novi showplace.  What did you do with those flyers you picked up?  Are they in your junk drawer, or under a pile of papers, or did you throw them away.  Again most of them just get thrown out.

They are not of any value.  I have never seen any buyer say I love the brochure, or I didn't know that from reading the brochure.  I have never heard any buyer say that I need the brochure to remember this house.  Sure the color glossy pictures are pretty, but the buyer is not going to remember your house from a brochure.  That brochure is not going to be a reminder.  The buyer will remember your house because they like your home.   When your house makes a good impression on the buyer, they are not forgetting your your home, your address, or why they like it.  A fancy multi page glossy brochure is not reminding them.

The brochure is not going to change the buyers mind later.  The brochure is not going to have the buyer come back to re-look at the house.  The brochure is only reaching the buyers that walked through the house.  You want to be marketing to everybody out there.  Wouldn't it be smarter for your agent, or his assistant really marketing your home to more buyers?  You always can use more buyers to walk through your home.  More buyers, the greater the change of finding the person that will put in an offer.  

So what good are the glossy multi page glossy brochures?  They made you happy and appeased your ego. Picking an agent that has beautiful brochures is not what you want in an agent.  You want that realtor that is a real marketer.  Marketing your home where everybody is speeding most of their time.....on the internet.   Not in print advertising, not in glossy brochures.