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Emotions and Home Negotiations

Home negotiations can be a tense period.  The buyer wants the house but they want a good deal on it too.  Of course you, the seller wants the best price too.  There lies the problem.  How to make both parties happy.  Sometimes you have the upper hand in a sellers market and the buyer may have to give in and pay top dollar especially if your home is updated and move in ready. 

Get top dollarOne of the biggest problems on both sides whether I am representing the buyer or the seller is keeping emotions in check.  Do you want to know how to be calm during home negotiations and get your home sold with less stress?  The negotiating part of selling your home is one of the most important parts of getting the home deal closed.  So here is a home selling tip on home negotiations.                 


Time can be an enemy to both the buyer and seller.  When the buyer and seller have long periods of time to think about the negotiations and sweat about them then sometimes it gets uglyOld experiences and even unfounded thoughts enter into the home negotiations.  Sometimes the parties involved will start to think the other side is out to screw them, take advantage of them.  They wonder why the stall tactic when the hours stretch out.  The parties sometimes there is something nefarious about it.  You have to realize that some people take longer amounts of time to process information and make decisions.  Yes, it can drive you nuts.  Not everybody makes quick decisions.

going to schoolSometimes life gets in the way.  The buyers may have busy schedules with work, kids sports activities, or even health issues.  To you the negotiation may take top priority, but to others it is last on the list. Yes, I know that is crazy when you are trying to buy or sell a home, but it happens quite often.  So just because it is taking a long time to get a decision do not get upset or start thinking that the other side is try to take advantage of you.

Another reason it may be taking so long is the opposing agent.  I had one listing agent in 2017 that took three days to do everything.  She didn't even present the offer the first time for three days because she was busy!..  She actually called me and told me she was busy with her granddaughter's recital.  She never let the seller know for three days.  She didn't bother to send the purchase agreement to her or bother to call the seller for three days!

 Driving you crazyHome negotiations sometimes take a turn and become personal.  Home buyers and home sellers get angry and upset with the opposite side.  So if you want to sell your home, step back and keep your emotions out – the buyer is not trying to screw you.

On the next Southeastern Michigan home you buy you are going to try to get the best deal possible.  Just like you the buyers of your home are pushing to get the best deal possible.  You want to sell your home for the most possible money with the least amount of grief.

The buyer naturally wants to pay the least they can.  That’s natural.  We all have different opinions of what is a “fair price” or what is a “fair deal”.  That’s natural and that’s when it gets dicey.  Tempers flare, and negotiations can fall apart when your emotions get involved.

So try to stay calm because you will be able to negotiate better on your home when you don’t let anger get in the way.  Remember the end goal of getting the house sold so you can move on.