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I am going to tell you what happens at showings so you will not get mad.  Buyers do open closets and storage areas.  They will go in walk in closets.  They do not open bedroom dresser drawers.  Buyers do open kitchen cabinets and drawers. They will turn on light switches to see how bright the lighting is.  Yes sometimes they will forget to shut them off so don't get mad.  There is nothing we can do about it.  My office always tells them to lock all doors, and to shut off lights unless we say otherwise.

Yes, sometimes buyers will have to use your bathroom.  Yes buyers will open windows and shades.  I myself never like to mess with shades, blinds or curtains because some of them are not put up too well or do not work well.  I have seen them fall off walls, or not be able to get them back down again. Yes buyers will go out back doors and patio doors.  I always recommend you to check all your doors when you come home.  Sometimes agents forget to re-lock them or may not realize that one of the buyers went back out.   Some locks are tricky and the agent may not know the trick like you do.  Again getting mad is not going solve anything.  Unfortunately it sometimes happens.  Even to call their office afterwards doesn't help.   

Buyers and buyers agents are sometimes late or early.  So be prepared to leave early or come back late.  I know it is an inconvenience, but try to stay calm.  Many times the buyers and buyers agents are doing 3 to 10 showings at one time.  There may be houses that were horrible and they didn't spend any time in so they are early.  They may have spent too much time at another house, or the traffic may be bad so they are running late.  Do not get upset.  Especially do not be mad when they stay over their time at your home.  That is a good thing.  That means they like your don't be mad.  

Buyers and buyers agents will do dumb things, be late or early, and forget to do things.  I wish I could say it does not happen but it does.  It is part of the showing process.  No matter how many times we tell them it sometimes does not happen.  So do not get mad, let's just hope they send us an offer.