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Be a class act when moving out of your house.  It's great karma, and will help with any issues that may pop up.

Welcome HomeWelcome-home note and gift

You do not have to do this but leaving a nice note welcoming the buyer and explaining how much you loved the house and wishing them well does wonders when the buyer does the walk thru.  Write welcome on a chalk board or dry erase board.   You can leave a small gift too.  The gift can be anything from a bottle of wine, 6 pack of beer, or champagne in the refrigerator to a little gift basket. It’s a big gesture and can help make the closing go smoother.  It's one way of being a great home seller.

A broom clean house

You home is going to be empty, so dirt is really going to show.  Don’t leave behind a dirty stove, toilet, or refrigerator.  Fans blades with 1/2 inch of dust or dust bunnies in the corner or globs of pet hair everywhere is not the way you should leave the house. I know moving is hectic and you have a lot things to do, including cleaning your own new home. But if you cannot find time to give the floors a quick mopping, the carpets a nice vacuuming and the counter tops a good wiping, consider hiring a cleaning service to come in after you’re out. It's all about how you would like to be treated.

Warranties and owner’s manuals

As you pack put aside any receipts, owner manuals and any warranty information.  Stack them on the kitchen counter for the next owners.

Keys to your new home

Keys, codes, combinations, and door openers

Garage door openers, extra keys, or key codes should be left on the counter or taken to closing.  You may have keys to the gate, or a built in cabinet that the buyer will need.  Do not forget the extra openers in your wife's or kids cars.  Get the keys from the neighbors too.

How to open tricky doorOperating instructions

Do you have items in the house that are a little tricky to operate or unusual?  A quick note explaining how to lock that patio door can be a huge help. It may be simple to you because you’ve lived there for a while, but a new owner may not know how to do it.  How often to change filters, or add salt to a water conditioner helps the new buyer.  The garage code may take twice to open or an outside GFI plug maybe linked to a inside bathroom as well.  A note will make a big difference on little items like that. 

A list of where you put extra stuff

You may have extra paint, tile, or wood flooring under the stairs.  Or you may have taken out window screens or have a wrench for the disposal in a certain spot.  Leave a note with the location of the items.

Garbage cansGarbage schedule

When is garbage pickup day for your neighborhood, and when does yard waste begin or end?  Leaf pickup is usually when?  Or what city services are great is another part of the note you could leave.

Neighborhood information

Where’s the least expensive grocery store, great bakery, or where is the best coffee in the morning? Any kids in the neighborhood that do outside work or babysit?  Who are your best neighbors, why, and their contact info. Are there neighbors with kids the same age? Any kind of information to help the buyers feel at home will be appreciated. Put together a list of contractors you use like plumbers, electricians or landscaper.  Anybody you have used and can recommend leave their business cards or phone numbers with that information.

Yes, this may take a little time, but it is all about karma, and doing the nice thing.  It's about doing what and how you would love to be treated.  It's about making the world a little nicer place.  You don't have to do any of these things but I know every buyer appreciates it.

Welcome home